Changing your furnace filter is a good DIY HVAC task... but leave the rest to the pros, or else!

Whether you’re ready for winter or not, the chilly season is here! This means that you need to make sure your furnace is good to go. If you already handle most of the work around your home, you might be thinking that you can skip your annual HVAC inspection and diagnose any issues yourself. That would be a bad idea – DIY heating system repairs are always a big mistake. Here are some critical reasons to leave the HVAC repairs to the professionals.

You could start a fire

One of the most important reasons – if not the most important reason – to call your local HVAC company instead of doing those furnace repairs yourself is that you could put your family in considerable danger and cause damage to your home. If there’s a short circuit, a gas line leak, or an overheated unit, there’s a good chance a fire could start. Even worse, your home could explode under certain conditions! You might be extremely handy around the house, but you’re probably not going to know more than an experienced technician. Saving a small amount of money isn’t worth the risk.

You could cause a carbon monoxide (CO) leak

In addition to a fire hazard, you could put yourself and your loved ones at serious risk due to carbon monoxide exposure. If you try to repair your furnace yourself, it’s entirely possible that this dangerous gas could leak into your home. Carbon monoxide gas is colorless, odorless, and inhalation is often deadly. Trained HVAC professionals know how to prevent gas leaks like this and keep your family safe.

You could damage your furnace

While this is less dangerous than the risks we mentioned earlier, it’s still important to note that doing heat repairs yourself will usually cost you more in the long run, because you can easily damage your unit and cause problems. Experts estimate that improper equipment installation can reduce your heating and cooling efficiency by 30% or more, which means higher monthly bills. Also, you might end up needing an entirely new furnace, which can cost you thousands of dollars. Unless you want the hassle and expense of dealing with ongoing problems, it’s best to avoid this scenario.

You could void your warranty

If your HVAC system is still under warranty, you may pay little – or nothing at all – to have repairs performed by a professional technician. But, attempting to make repairs yourself definitely will negate your warranty agreement. In addition, you might incur legal consequences for DIYing. The EPA requires specific certification for anyone working with refrigerant, and you could find yourself in hot water – and in a cold home, if your furnace breaks down – if you do it yourself!

Don’t gamble with your family’s safety and comfort – it’s best not to roll the dice by doing furnace repairs yourself. Instead, work with a trained, certified HVAC technician, and you’ll ensure that the repairs are done properly the first time, saving you money – and frustration – in the coming years.


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