There are quite a few things you can do around your home to help your air conditioner keep the place cool!

During the hot and humid Ohio summer, temperatures keep climbing. The sweltering heat makes it nearly impossible to sit comfortably, let alone muster the energy to do anything. Cranking up your air conditioner to create a frosty environment sounds tempting, right? Sure, until you get your expensive utility bill. Yikes!

Here are five ways to keep your Northeast Ohio home cooler this summer while minimizing the use of your air conditioner:

Set your ceiling fan properly

A ceiling fan is an effective way to distribute air and cool your home – if you know how to use it correctly, that is.

On the base of the ceiling fan, you’ll find a switch that changes the direction it spins, which also reverses the airflow. During the cold months, your ceiling fan should be set to rotate clockwise, pulling the warm air up and dispersing it throughout the room. During the heat of summer; however, you should set the ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise, blowing air straight down and causing a pleasant cooling effect.

Use your oven and stove less often

Instead of cooking in your oven, consider preparing your meal outside on the grill to avoid generating heat in your house. Salads and other room-temperature or refrigerated dishes are also perfect during the dog days of summer. We understand that you sometimes want to whip up something special for your family, but roast chicken or a piping hot casserole will only leave you sweaty.

Likewise, replace warm drinks with cold and iced ones. That morning cup of joe is heating your home and your insides! Your coffee maker puts out heat, and that hot cup of coffee warms you too. Switch to iced coffee during the summer months and use the hot summer sun to brew your tea outside.

Turn off unnecessary lights

Take advantage of summer’s increased natural light by using lights minimally. As you probably know, light bulbs emit heat, so you’ll want to keep them off as often as possible. Since it doesn’t get dark until 8:00 pm or later in summer, try not to turn on the lights until you need them to see well. If you’re feeling romantic, a candle-lit dinner with your loved ones doubles as a great way to avoid causing more heat from light bulbs.

Unplug your appliances

Everything you plug into an outlet produces heat and consumes energy, even when it isn’t turned on. You can reduce heat output and save money at the same time by unplugging electronics and appliances when they’re not being used.

Cotton is cool

Bed linens made of cotton promote airflow and ventilation in your bedroom. Smooth-finish cotton sheets also have a naturally cool feeling and help to keep heat from building up while you sleep. Polyester, silk, and satin sheets are best for keeping warm during the colder months.

Once you’ve made these five seasonal adjustments, your home should feel a lot cooler. If it’s still too warm for your liking, your air conditioner could need some professional attention. Schedule an appointment with Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling! Our expert cooling technicians will have you cool and comfortable in no time.


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