It's probably long past time to bring your home's HVAC system and devices into the 21st century - you'll save more money the sooner you do it!

Smart home technology has everyone talking. Homeowners now have more control and customization than ever over the systems in their home. These technologies may be incorporated into almost every aspect of a home. From ensuring the garage door is down while you’re away, to dimming lights remotely, technology is rapidly changing the way we live.

A bit less exciting, though certainly helpful, is smart technology for your HVAC system. The latest advancements allow your heating and cooling to adapt to your lifestyle. Here are several ideas to incorporate into your home for a more comfortable – and efficient! – lifestyle.

Are you ready to upgrade your tired, old HVAC system with the latest technologies? We’re ready and well-equipped to help – give us a call today and we’ll get your system into the 21st century pronto!

Replace your outdated HVAC equipment

Before you add any of the latest high-tech home accessories, ensure your home is high-tech in the most effective way by upgrading your HVAC system. A furnace will last on average 15 to 20 years, while air conditioning units don’t last quite as long, only 10 to 15 years. Generally speaking, after 10 years, your system will not run nearly as well as it did when new. The latest advancements in HVAC technology help your family stay comfortable. What was new 15 years ago is obsolete – it’s time to replace your equipment.

The average cost to install an AC unit is $4,800, while the average cost to install a furnace is $3,800. This might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t when you consider that you’ll recover the installation cost quickly due to your new high-tech units saving you upwards of 50% on your utility bill each month!

Saving energy

The latest HVAC technology offers eco-friendly features that are sure to save you money without risking your everyday comfort. Look for Energy Star-labeled products, so you can be sure they meet efficiency standards.

Solar power

By harnessing the massive power of the sun, you can cut your energy bills down even more. Solar-capable HVAC units are an eco-friendly way to make your home more comfortable. Also, it may entitle you to tax rebates! Some units utilize solar energy for the AC and heat pump, and any surplus energy is then used to power other appliances.

Reduce noise

The older an HVAC unit gets, the louder it tends to become. Return some peace and quiet to your home with a new, noise-reducing HVAC system. In addition to a new unit, innovations in duct wrapping provide homeowners with additional soundproofing.

Smart and programmable thermostats

Smart thermostats are hot. Well, not literally, but they’re a very trendy item at the moment. Not only will they save you considerable money on your utility bills, but they’re easy to control, wherever you may be. Here are two popular options:

Ecobee. Ever wished you could come home after a hard day at work to a home set at just the right temperature? Well, now you can! The Ecobee smart thermostat system is a sleek, easy-to-use unit that you can control from wherever you are, from your smartphone or tablet. It learns your day-to-day habits by sensing movement in your home. Because it knows when you’re home and when you’re away, it can easily keep temperatures low when you’re not using it, resulting in a lower energy bill as well!

Ecovent. If you’re interested in per-room temperature control, the Ecovent system allows you to do so right from your mobile device. While it doesn’t replace your current thermostat outright, it does enable you to change the temperature in each room by opening and closing vents. Each room gets a sensor that plugs into a standard electrical outlet to monitor temperature and humidity and makes adjustments accordingly.

Air purifiers

Indoor air pollutants are a big concern for those that suffer from allergies. These invisible particles travel through the air with help from your HVAC system. Advances in technology help to keep the air in homes cleaner, with better, more efficient air purifiers. The days of large, bulky machines are long past. These days, air purifiers come in a wide array of sleek designs that blend into your home’s decor and keep your inside air nice and fresh.

Additionally, brands like Dyson have incorporated smartphone technology into their products, so you can visually and remotely see your indoor air quality as well as your home’s temperature and humidity.

Smart air vents

You’ll be surprised to learn that even the smallest details of your home can be updated to modern standards. Smart vents can control the temperature in rooms that are typically too hot or too cold. Some can even work with a smart thermostat to help manage airflow more effectively. They also integrate air purification technology, trapping germs and pollutants at the source.

Upgrade today

HVAC technology is rapidly evolving in ways we couldn’t have predicted just a decade or two ago. Innovations are continually being developed and introduced to increase comfort and control of the temperature in your home. Also, the hottest items now are energy-saving, which means a better return on your investment in new technology. Try integrating these new HVAC technologies in your home and you’ll see the difference – and don’t let their sophistication intimidate you; we’re always here to help you do what’s best for your home and family, because that’s how neighbors should treat neighbors!


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