If you just switch your thermostat to heat without taking some simple precautions, you could be asking for trouble!

Most homeowners don’t think about their furnaces when it’s sunny and warm outside. However, now that the outside temperature is starting to cool off, you should make sure that your system is operating properly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely.

Here are four straightforward – but essential – tasks you need to complete before turning on your furnace each Fall.

Remove obstructions near the unit

Prior to using your furnace for the first time each season, relocate any household items that are near your furnace. Also, check to be sure that nothing is covering the system’s air ducts and return vents. There shouldn’t be any items at all near your furnace – especially if they are flammable. Consider moving the items to your garage or an outdoor shed, as storing them in the same location as your furnace can lead to a house fire. Remember, most furnaces are powered by gas, oil or another type of fuel, and they require proper ventilation.

Have your furnace inspected

The last thing you ever want when that first cold day arrives is to discover that your furnace isn’t working. To avoid this unpleasant situation, have us check your furnace shortly before Fall comes to ensure that it’s working correctly. During your furnace tune-up, one of our professional technicians will review all aspects of your system to ensure that everything is operational.

Check your CO detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is invisible, odorless, and deadly. Perhaps the best way to determine the presence of CO in your home is with the help of a carbon monoxide detector. This device will detect and alert you if your home’s heating system is emitting any dangerous fumes. Replace your CO detector’s battery each Fall. After replacing the battery, press your detector’s test button to make sure it’s working.

Check your windows for leaks

Even the smallest gaps in your window seals can let in a surprising amount of cold air. It is crucial to seal your windows and keep Old Man Winter out. It’s a fairly simple job, only requiring good attention to detail and some elbow grease. Sealing your windows will help your home feel warmer and will also help reduce your heating cost.

Doing these four easy tasks will help ensure that your family stays safe and cozy warm during the colder months of the year. A little care and attention before the season can prevent a big headache – and expense – later on!


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