These super-easy tricks will keep your family warm and cozy this winter!

During winter in northeast Ohio, temperatures can dip into the single digits or even below zero. While cranking up the heat is a great way to stay cozy warm, it can also be expensive. Heating your home accounts for over 70% of your energy consumption in the colder months of the year, but there is good news! Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to stay warm this winter.

Let the sunshine in

During the winter months, it helps to open your blinds and curtains to let the sunlight in, assuming your windows are well-insulated. It may not feel like much heat, but the sun projects considerable warmth into your home even on the coldest days. Open your curtains on sun-facing windows and take advantage of the free heat. Don’t forget to close your curtains once again after dusk to prevent heat loss.

Keep using your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans do a great job of helping to keep us cool during the summer months. Did you know that they’re also effective at keeping us warm during the winter?

The warm air produced by your furnace rises to the ceiling, while cool air sinks. You can help keep your home warmer this winter by continuing to use your fan and reversing its direction to distribute the warm air throughout your living space. You can even turn your thermostat down a few degrees and still maintain the same level of warmth. Running your ceiling fan during the winter months will help make your home feel warm and will also save you 10% or more on your heating bill.

Add a rug

Tiles are a popular flooring option in many homes. They look nice and are relatively easy to clean. They’re also easy to maintain because they’re water resistant. However, tile flooring often feels cold under your feet in the winter. To avoid this, we recommend adding a rug on top of your tile floor, so you have a warm surface to walk on. A rug also adds insulation, helping reduce heating costs even further. Even better, you can roll it up and store it during the summer to enjoy that cool tile floor once again!

Optimize your insulation

Warm air rises. Because of this, as much as 25% of your home’s heat is wasted, escaping through your roof. To prevent this loss, it’s best to insulate your ceiling and attic space well. Also, don’t neglect any needed roof repairs and be sure to seal all roof leaks before insulating your attic.

Along with overhead insulation, make sure your windows are well sealed. Windows that allow cold outside air into your home can make your living space feel considerably colder than its actual temperature and will also drive your energy usage up, costing you more money.

These easy, cost-effective tips will help ensure that you and your family stay warm and comfortable in your home, even during the harshest winter storms. They only take a little bit of time to do, but you’ll benefit all winter long!


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