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Air conditioners are typically expected to last 15-20 years with yearly maintenance. When your AC is nearing the end of its service lifespan, it can develop problems that require repairs, even breaking down. With the skilled help from a professional technician, you can usually avoid the cost of an AC replacement and get your unit cooling your home again in no time.

Not all air conditioning units need repairs for the same reasons, and no one solution can solve every AC problem. However, there are four common types of AC problems that we encounter regularly.

Your air conditioner won’t turn on

There are times when an air conditioning system’s condenser won’t activate, but the fan inside is still working. There are many reasons for this type of breakdown, from circuit breaker malfunctions to disconnected thermostats to debris such as sticks or leaves inside the unit. Whatever the cause, your HVAC technician can either provide a quick fix or reveal a more severe problem.

There’s a loud or rattling noise

Air conditioners don’t operate silently, but a loud rattling noise usually indicates a malfunctioning component or loose part. If your AC is rattling, it’s crucial to call for repair as quickly as possible. If you neglect the issue, you might be putting yourself on the hook for a much larger – and more costly – repair down the road.

Your AC isn’t cooling the air

Sometimes your air conditioner seems to be functioning fine but won’t blow cool air. The unit hums and pushes air like it’s supposed to, but for some reason, the air isn’t cold. Most of the time, this indicates that there’s an issue with your unit’s condenser outside.

Your AC is iced over

If your system’s filter or the vents leading from your AC condenser coils get clogged, ice can start to accumulate on your unit. It’s a disturbing sight. HVAC technicians can’t work on a frozen unit, so be sure to turn off your AC and let the ice melt away before your repair appointment.

If your central air conditioner needs repair, contact us any time of the day or night. No matter what type of AC problem you’re having, we’re ready and happy to help!


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