Does your AC sound more like a thundering train than a quiet Trane? It could indicate a problem - call us!

As a machine with many moving parts, your home’s central air conditioning system is sure to make some noises here and there. However, it should be relatively quiet and not unobtrusive. If your AC is becoming so loud that you’re cranking up the volume on your TV, you might have a problem. Here are a few reasons why your air conditioner may be unacceptably loud.

Issues with your ductwork

Sometimes, the noise isn’t coming from the AC itself, but instead from your ductwork. If air pressure builds up inside your ducts, the force of it can cause popping noises every time your air conditioner starts running. If your ductwork has any unsealed joints or splits, air can leak out and make a hissing noise.

You should have your ductwork regularly inspected to prevent these issues from occurring – or, if they do occur, to have them fixed right away.

Loose components

If you notice rattling or clunking sounds whenever your air conditioner runs, there may be a loose part inside that is causing the noise. Since loose parts can easily become detached and create much bigger problems, it’s crucial to have them tightened, repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Your system is old

Central AC systems typically last roughly 10 to 15 years, and newer units are much quieter than older ones. If you’ve had your AC for longer than you can remember, all that noise may be the result of a worn-out system. If this is your situation, it’s probably best to replace the system entirely with a newer, quieter unit. Your new unit will save you money on your utility bill too!

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