Think you're on top of your air conditioning situation? Think again - you could be costing yourself money!

Want to save money cooling your home? Who wouldn’t, right? Don’t buy into these common AC myths.

1. MYTH: The size of your central air conditioning system isn’t important.

FACT: The correct size that your HVAC unit should be depends on the size of the space you’re cooling. An undersized air conditioning system must work harder to cool your home and will wear out sooner. An oversized system will turn off prematurely and repeatedly restart until it eventually breaks down. Our expert Comfort Consultants can help you choose the right-sized unit for your home.

2. MYTH: You can turn your thermostat down for faster cooling.

FACT: Your air conditioning system works just as hard whether you lower it by 3° or by 30° – reaching the temperature you want is simply a matter of time. If you set it lower than necessary and forget about it, all you will accomplish is a higher energy bill. A smart solution to this problem is replacing your old manual thermostat with a programmable or smart model to save money and get the temperature you want at the same time.

3. MYTH: You don’t need to change your air filter.

FACT: You may vacuum your floors regularly and keep your home spotless, but it’s still essential to inspect your air filter often and replace it every month. Air filters are inexpensive and will save you money on repair costs and your energy bill in the long run. If you’re not sure what replacement filter you need, call us! Our experts are available to help you find the right filter for your system.

4. MYTH: Running your HVAC system until it dies is ideal.

FACT: You often hear this myth regarding cars, but it also applies to heating and cooling systems. Replacing that old air conditioner may be more expensive up-front, but running your unit into the ground will be far less efficient and cost you much more money in the long run on repairs to boot. You’ll start saving money immediately on your energy bills by replacing your obsolete unit before it quits working.

5. MYTH: Regular maintenance doesn’t matter.

FACT: A neglected air conditioner is an inefficient air conditioner, so keep your unit performing at peak efficiency by scheduling a seasonal maintenance tune-up with one of our expert technicians. A minor issue now will likely become an expensive repair later if you let it continue unchecked. Our friendly staff is always available to assist you with any concerns you may be having with your air conditioning system! Purchasing a low-cost seasonal maintenance plan to keep your system in top shape year-round is a smart choice that’ll pay you back nicely via lower monthly energy bills.


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