It's cold and you're probably stuck at home - but you don't need to be miserable. Jazz up your living space with these 5 great ideas.

The new year is about change. With the pandemic, your relationship with your home has probably already changed this past year significantly. Many families are spending considerably more time at home and reevaluating their living spaces as a result.

2021 provides an excellent opportunity to explore new room designs and home makeovers. What vision do you have for your home? From incorporating new technology to making your place more efficient, the possibilities are endless. Here are five ideas to inspire you.

Make a home office

Many people are working remotely from home right now without an end date in sight. Even after things return to normal, your work life will surely look different. A designated workspace is a valuable addition to your productivity routine, and it makes home feel a bit more like the office. Even if your home lacks the square footage to add a dedicated office, get creative with what you have. Open the doors of your guest bedroom closet (or take them off completely) for a small, stowaway home office. Reimagine other seldom-used spaces in your home. What about the attic? It might be a great location to set up shop for a quiet, productive workday.

Upgrade those old appliances

2020 made one thing very clear: our kitchens are more crucial than ever. As we all know, the essential components of our kitchens are the appliances that we use daily. If your fridge is still sporting that 1990s creamy bisque color, you might consider replacing it with a modern, more efficient model that has expanded functionality as well. New refrigerators have all sorts of convenient features now, such as in-door smart devices that’ll assist you with your grocery list, play music, display recipes, and much more. They’ve also become much more stylish and attractive in recent years.

Make your yard more comfortable

Outdoor space is becoming more and more valuable. Applying a little elbow grease outside can help increase the value of your home and provide your family with some much-needed open-air opportunities. Smart outdoor investments include outdoor heating elements and outdoor kitchens, and shades for your patio or porch. For a quick-and-easy solution, add more seating for socially distant gatherings.

Enhance your heating and cooling

Your home’s HVAC system no longer has to be loud, clunky, and wasteful. Today’s variable-speed blowers operate at very low decibel levels, and the furnace itself can be up to 98% efficient! Also, health-protecting air filters can kill up to 99.9% of disease-causing contaminants and allergens, making your interior space both much more comfortable and far safer for your family, too.

Give unused spaces a purpose

If no one ever dines in your formal dining room, try turning it into something your family will use more often. A home office, game room, or a fitness center are all excellent ideas to consider. You might turn that ugly, cobweb-infested basement into a roomy, inviting space for activities. Get creative!

Is one of your 2021 resolutions to improve your living space? These five home makeover ideas will help make it a reality. But don’t stop there – there are countless other ways you can enhance your home, too. Do some online research and use your imagination, and make your place truly yours!


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