Following these easy suggestions will ensure that every fan at your Super Bowl party will stay comfortable, happy, and safe!

It’s that time of the year again – Super Bowl weekend! Everybody’s talking about the big game, and everybody’s ready to gather and cheer on their team. To make your Super Bowl party more enjoyable, here’s a few tips from Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling.

Tackle the pandemic

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic is still with us for yet another Super Bowl Sunday. Here are several easy ways you can help prevent the spread while still having a great time with friends and family. First, proudly sport your team’s apparel – but wear a mask where appropriate, too. Second, consider decorating the place with disposable items – balloons, streamers, tablecloth, paper plates, and napkins – and chuck them all in the trash when the party’s over. Finally, arrange the seating to offer as much space between guests as you can. Remember – nobody wins if your party-goers contract COVID just by celebrating together.

Super-cold Sunday

You might be wondering, “Why is a local, family-owned heating and air conditioning company giving me Super Bowl Sunday tips?” Well, the low this Sunday is forecast to be in the single digits, and the high will be below freezing as well, so watching the game in Northeast Ohio definitely will be super-cold. So, before you go inviting your buddies over to your house, make sure your furnace is working well! Also, avoid space heaters if possible – those things are dangerous! If your heater isn’t warming your place well enough, you know the drill – give Hey Neighbor a call, and we’ll fix it right away!

Don’t fumble the nachos

You might consider putting some healthy options on the menu. We know a Super Bowl party should have plenty of tasty munchies available, but hear us out. Unless your party is attended only by hipsters and health nuts, nobody is going to want a buffet of kale tacos, tofu dip, and gluten-free, organic veggie chips. Super Bowl parties are all about greasy burgers, chicken wings, pizza, and queso chili dip, right? That stuff is fine, but some of your party guests may have health issues or just be health-conscious, so keep them in mind when you fill the platters. You don’t want them to leave and go elsewhere, do you? Consider including a veggie tray and low-sugar drinks and desserts along with the fatty food. And while alcohol is essential at any Super Bowl party, it’s always a good idea to have some water and other non-alcoholic drinks for your guests.

Play smart

We’re not trying to take the fun out of your Super Bowl Sunday party, but drinking copious amounts of alcohol may not be the best idea for a good time. Not only do most people work on Monday, but many may not have a ride home after the party is over. So ask that your guests leave their car keys in a basket and make sure they’re OK to drive after the game before you give them their keys back. Designate drivers or use ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft. Because if your guests get overly intoxicated and have a car accident or get alcohol poisoning, it’ll be game over!

Now that the serious tips are out of the way, the most important tip for Super Bowl Sunday is to have fun! We know we will! Be safe, enjoy your Sunday Funday, and call Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling or schedule online for all your heating and air conditioning needs. Game on!


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