Splurging on that big central air conditioning system might keep you up at night - and not because you're worrying about your bank account!

In most cases, you’d think that the bigger, more expensive option is the way to go if you want the best product. By that logic, it’s understandable why people end up with air conditioning units too large for their homes.

How can you tell if your central AC system is oversized, and what are the consequences? Your friends at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling are here to provide helpful information about this common issue and recommend what to do to create an efficient and comfortable environment.

What do I really need?

An industry term that we use is “load calculation,” which refers to the amount of air intake your home can handle matched to the AC unit that’ll efficiently meet that need. If your air conditioner is oversized for your living space, it’ll cycle on and off rapidly, causing parts to wear out and fail much sooner than expected. This issue is more commonly referred to as “short cycling,” and it’s definitely something to avoid.

How do I tell if my AC is too big?

There’s more than one sign of an oversized HVAC, and all of them can be damaging to the unit and your wallet alike. Here are the ways to tell if it’s time to consider downsizing to a smaller air conditioner.

Short cooling cycles. A healthy running cycle for an air conditioner is on for ten minutes, off for ten minutes. If your AC doesn’t run for a full ten minutes or cycles more than three times in an hour, it’s overworked.

Inconsistent temperatures. Since an oversized AC unit doesn’t run long enough to maintain a stable temperature, you’ll notice some areas are warmer or cooler than the rest of your home.

Noisy operation. A loud air conditioner is a clear sign that your system is pushing itself too hard to meet the thermostat’s target temperature. While it’s normal to hear your AC as it’s running, it should never drown out things like conversation or your favorite TV show.

Why should I replace my oversized AC?

You’ve seen the signs and determined that your AC is definitely too big for your home. But why should you completely change it out? Numerous benefits come with having an appropriately sized air conditioner – and you’ll be replacing that worked-to-death, oversized unit before long, anyway!

Energy bill savings. Turning on and off excessively throughout the day wastes a lot of energy, inflating your electric bill. By opting for an air conditioner that’s an appropriate size, you’ll be saving money – quite a bit of it over time.

Preventing mold. Since oversized AC units don’t properly cool the structure, toxic mold may grow from the residual humidity. Mold poses a serious threat to your family’s health, especially if it’s near your bed.

Greater comfort. You’ll be thankful your home’s temperature is controlled correctly during extreme weather, especially here in Ohio, where the sweltering heat can make you miserable.

Ahh, the blissful tranquility. You won’t miss the headache-inducing racket of your old, oversized AC while you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee on a bright, peaceful morning.

Where should I get a new AC unit?

So, who can you trust to accurately evaluate your home and recommend the most efficient AC that’ll keep your energy bills low for years to come? Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling is the best place in Northeast Ohio for quality HVAC service and installation! Call us today at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR to receive an estimate and information on our payment plans and promotions for even more savings.


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