The numbers don't lie! Summer is a fantastic time to replace your old furnace with a new, efficient model!

As we head into summer here in Northeast Ohio, the sun is burning brightly, the days are longer, and our air conditioners are working overtime to maintain a comfortable living environment in our homes. Most homeowners aren’t thinking about winter, much less whether or not they might need to replace their furnace. Though it may seem to be the wrong time of year to think about replacing your furnace, summer is the ideal time if your heating unit needs replacing. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider upgrading now!

It’ll save you money

Similar to how retail stores run sales on out-of-season inventory, HVAC manufacturers sell off last year’s models to clear space for the new versions that arrive each fall. As a result, you’re much more likely to find a great deal on a furnace in the off-season, whether you’re looking for high-end equipment or a more basic unit.

It’s convenient

Fall and winter are the cold seasons in Ohio when people can no longer put off replacing their failing heating systems. As a result, HVAC companies are very busy with new installations, and homeowners may be forced to schedule a replacement at an inopportune time. However, by considering an off-season HVAC replacement, the savvy homeowner takes advantage of more flexible scheduling to upgrade their system at their leisure.

It allows time to research options

If your heating system is a teenager or older, you’ve probably noticed that your heating costs and frequency of repairs have slowly increased over the years. Unfortunately, like most mechanical devices, your heating system begins to wear out as time passes. Of course, you could risk it for another winter and deal with any problems as they occur, but doesn’t it make more sense to replace that old furnace with the luxury of time while the weather’s still warm? You’ll have the freedom to research the perfect HVAC replacement for your home and the time to weigh cost and efficiency without rushing to a decision due to an unexpected terminal breakdown during the winter.

Summer furnace replacement with Hey Neighbor is smart

These are just a few reasons why replacing your furnace while it’s warm outside is the ideal choice. For more information about heating and air conditioning systems for your home, choose Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling, and let us know how we can help you. We have a wide variety of solutions available in residential HVAC systems, and we’re confident we have the solution that’s right for your family’s needs. Call us today to schedule a visit with an expert from our Trane Comfort Specialist team!


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