End those annoying thermostat wars with a zoned heating and cooling system - restore your sanity and your comfort!

Is your home’s comfort level making your family fight over the thermostat? If you want an enhanced level of control over your home’s heating and cooling, you may want to consider a zoned HVAC system. Featuring the ability to create individual climate zones in your Northeast Ohio home, you can easily manage the comfort inside your space like never before.

Are you unsure if a zoned HVAC system is right for your home? Our team discusses the benefits to help you decide!

What is HVAC zoning?

This term refers to separating your HVAC system into several different, individually-fed areas of your home, delivering a unique comfort level to each zone. This enables you to have specific settings for each part of your house. For example, you might want to focus on the living room or kitchen during the day, but keep your bedrooms cooler at night.

HVAC zoning gives you a high degree of control over the temperature in your home and can significantly lower your energy costs.

How does zoning work?

HVAC zoning utilizes a series of dampers installed in the vents and ducts throughout your home. These dampers open or close as needed to deliver more or less airflow to the various parts of your house. Also, each zone has its own thermostat so that you can set the temperature according to your needs.

Keep in mind that a zoned HVAC system should be professionally installed, as the setup process can be pretty involved. Our trained HVAC technicians here at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling will audit your family’s energy needs and evaluate your home’s layout to implement the most efficient zoning possible.

Zoning benefits

HVAC zoning offers multiple benefits for your family’s comfort and your monthly energy costs. Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced energy efficiency: Because a zoned system diverts air away from areas where you don’t need it, your system will use less energy to keep your home comfortable.

Personalized comfort: A zoned HVAC system ends those annoying thermostat wars by allowing each family member to adjust the temperature in their part of the home.

Consistent temperatures: Zoning compensates for hot and cold spots in your home. In other words, cold rooms get the extra heat they need without pumping excess heat into the already-warm areas as well.

Is zoning right for my home?

Our expert Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling team can install a zoned HVAC system in any home with ductwork. That said, this may not be the best option for every homeowner.

Zoned heating and cooling systems work best in larger homes with sufficient space to separate areas into climate zones. You’ll get the most out of a zoned HVAC system if you have one or more of the following:

• Cathedral ceilings
• A two-story home
• Several large windows
• A basement
• An attic living space
• An apartment over your garage
• A sunroom
• A sprawling layout with two or more wings

Zoning alternatives

A zoned HVAC system is only one way to personalize the comfort levels in your home. You may also consider a ductless HVAC system that places several air handlers throughout your house to control the temperature.

A ductless system allows you to turn the heating or cooling off directly at the air handler in each part of your house, making it function similarly to a ducted zoned HVAC system.

If you crave control over the temperature in your home or you’re dealing with hot and cold spots, a zoned HVAC system might be perfect for your family! Our friendly team at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling will audit your home’s energy usage and create a zoned system that’ll keep everyone in your home comfy while lowering your monthly energy bill. It’s a win-win!

Call our team for a zoned HVAC quote today – 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR!


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