Modern thermostat technology can be bewildering. Our experts help you make the best choices for your home and family!

In today’s world, where smart devices are common and convenience is king, it’s no surprise that many folks are upgrading to smart thermostats to enhance their home comfort. Among other great features, these thermostats enable you to control your HVAC system remotely via a smart device and provide insight into your family’s energy usage.

But wait! Before you run right out and buy a smart thermostat, you should know a few things. Our HVAC pros at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling explain.

1. A smart thermostat helps you save on energy costs.

While a smart thermostat is more convenient than a traditional manual model, its greatest benefit is its ability to help you conserve energy. It can help you save on energy costs in two ways:

First, it can monitor and control the temperature remotely. Second, some models can learn your family’s behavior and adjust your home’s temperature settings for maximum efficiency. Both capabilities ensure that your HVAC system won’t waste energy running excessively when no one is around. A smart thermostat can help you save 25% or more on your utility bills if installed and used correctly.

2. Modern intelligent thermostats feature advanced climate controls.

The word “smart” generally refers to a device’s ability to connect wirelessly to the internet. Smart thermostats are cleverly designed and intended for seamless and intuitive operation.

Some smart thermostats can sense if a room is occupied or not, then adjust the temperature to keep everyone comfortable. Others know you’re on your way home due to GPS-based geofencing features and can adjust the temperature in your home, so it’s cozy by the time you pull into the garage.

Advanced models can learn your habits with room sensors and automatically adjust the temperature based on your patterns of behavior and room movements. So, in everyday usage, you won’t have to make any special adjustments other than telling the thermostat you’re going away on vacation or something similar

3. Most models require a Wi-Fi connection.

To take full advantage of a smart thermostat’s benefits, your home will need a Wi-Fi-enabled internet connection. While there are many reasons behind this requirement, accessing local weather data helps the unit make effective temperature adjustments. In addition, many models also offer modern conveniences, such as Amazon Alexa functionality.

4. You’ll need to download an app for remote control.

Having a smart thermostat installed is only part of the intelligent upgrade. Many of these devices require an app on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Some models need an app for initial setup and other adjustments, while most are simply more useful when used with an app. For example, you can view your home’s energy usage in detail with an app and make setting adjustments right from the comfort of your couch – or even while away from home!

Installing and connecting an app to your device is fairly simple, provided your device has a compatible operating system. Visit the manufacturer’s website for detailed information and instructions before you buy to ensure you have the best experience.

5. As with virtually everything else in your home, appearance is essential.

Nearly all of today’s smart thermostats are elegant and designed to complement your home’s decor. However, if you’re opting for a thermostat with a learning feature, it helps to remember that they work by sensing motion. So, make sure you’re willing to display the thermostat in an area with a lot of activity.

6. It’s wise to call a professional for installation.

Unless you know a lot about wiring and are handy with a variety of tools, you should call an electrician or HVAC technician to visit and install your smart thermostat. Why? Well, unlike older thermostats, smart thermostats usually require a C-wire to power the device, its Wi-Fi communication, and touch screens. Many newer homes are built with a C-wire already in place, but many older homes aren’t.

Get smart today with Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling!

If you want to lower your monthly energy bills, have the ability to control your HVAC system remotely, and enjoy greater convenience and comfort, a smart thermostat is a fantastic investment. Call our friendly team today for an installation estimate at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR!


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