Is your furnace rusty, producing a funky smell or making an awful racket? It might just be time to replace it!

It’s always a tough decision to replace your heating and cooling system. After all, it’s a considerably large investment, and you don’t want to do it too early. But, if you wait too long, the consequences can be expensive. Today, we’ll discuss seven warning signs that indicate that you’re due for an HVAC system replacement. So, don’t wait – read on to learn if now is the ideal time to have the pros at Hey Neighbor upgrade your home’s comfort!

Sign #1: Your system is over ten years old.

Depending on various conditions, the typical lifespan of an HVAC unit is around 10 to 20 years. Systems begin to deteriorate as they age. Also, the more your furnace and air conditioner are used, the quicker they decline. After a while, replacement is the more cost-effective choice due to the money you’ll save by preventing frequent repairs, increased maintenance, and wasted energy.

Sign #2: You’ve had to repair your HVAC system numerous times in the past few years.

If you’re frequently spending money on high-priced heater or air conditioner maintenance (or your system just isn’t working as well as it should), it’s in your best interest – and your wallet’s too! – to invest those dollars in a new unit instead.

Sign #3: You can’t keep your living space at a comfortable temperature.

This problem includes having difficulty heating and cooling your house in the winter and summer alike. Also, it might not reduce humidity as efficiently as it once did, making your home atmosphere clammy or muggy – see also: less than pleasant.

When an HVAC system ages or its seasonal maintenance is neglected, it no longer functions as effectively as it once did. Naturally, when a unit is inefficient, it can’t do the job for which it was built. When your home’s temperature can no longer be consistently maintained, you should consider replacing your HVAC equipment.

Sign #4: Your HVAC system costs more to operate than it once did.

As we often recommend, regular maintenance will maximize the working life of your heating and cooling system and keep it functioning as efficiently as possible. However, you’ll need to buy a new system at some point. It’s inevitable. But we have good news for you! Replacing your furnace and AC can reduce your total energy expenses by up to 50%. Often, homeowners discover that their new system has paid for itself in the first year or two. Did we mention we offer multiple easy financing options as well?

Sign #5: You’re noticing unusual smells and hearing odd sounds.

If you detect a strange odor coming from your HVAC system, it might be harmless, such as dust burning off, but it could also be something dangerous, such as melted wiring or mold in your ductwork. If the odor is strong, switch off your system immediately and have our expert team visit right away.

An HVAC system that’s functioning correctly should be pretty quiet. If you hear grinding or screeching noises, take it as a warning that your system has a pressing issue. Again, don’t wait – call us immediately.

Sign #6: You’re suffering from poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

If you observe dust, mold, mildew, or unusual humidity levels, your HVAC equipment may be malfunctioning and likely should be replaced. A recent study indicated that poor ventilation was responsible for over 50% of sick building syndrome (SBS) instances! You want your home to be healthy and comfy, right?

Are you concerned about IAQ and SBS? Rest easy! We offer a free in-home air-quality assessment with our no-cost new system estimates.

Sign #7: Your system’s air conditioner uses Freon (R-22).

While you may continue to use your air conditioner, R-22 has been phased out in the United States due to environmental concerns. So, if adding more R-22 coolant is the solution your air conditioning unit needs, the time is now to replace your old unit. While you might be able to get R-22 at the moment, it’s already very expensive and will only increase in cost and become more challenging to obtain as time passes. Future-proof your AC and upgrade to an energy-efficient and Mother Earth-friendly central air conditioning system that uses Puron (R-410A) – and your budget will thank you, too.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these seven signs, call us!

If you’re still unsure whether you need to replace your home comfort system soon, the best thing to do is ask our neighborly experts. We provide free in-home estimates where you’ll receive a unique quote customized specifically for the requirements of your home. So, if you’re in Northeast Ohio, contact Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR or conveniently schedule online today!


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