Furnace ruckus keeping you up at night? It might be broken, so don't let it make a racket until it goes silent and stops heating your home!

When we have extremely cold weather here in Northeast Ohio like we did over Christmas weekend, and your heater is struggling to maintain the set temperature, or it breaks down altogether, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Here are six signs that your heating system may be broken, and what to do about it.

Sign #1: Your furnace turns itself off too soon.

If your heater cycles on and off quickly, something may be causing it to cut off before it completes a full heating cycle. This could be many things – the fan motor could be failing, or the flame sensor might need cleaned.

Sign #2: You’re constantly fiddling with the thermostat.

If you find yourself frequently adjusting the thermostat settings, you should call one of our expert technicians to come visit and inspect your HVAC system and your thermostat. The thermostat itself may be failing, or the heater might not be able to meet the demands of heating your home.

Sign #3: You suspect a carbon monoxide leak.

If you don’t already have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home, please install some immediately. We’re serious! They could save your life. When it comes to your heating system, these handy devices can let you know if your heater is broken, by alerting you when dangerous CO is leaking into your indoor air.

If your unit burns these natural gas or oil to create heat, this process produces carbon monoxide. When things are working correctly, this gas leaves through the exhaust ducting. But, if your system has a cracked heat exchanger, these potentially deadly fumes are released into your home.

This is a compelling reason – among many – why you should get your heater inspected every fall. When our techs visit to clean and inspect your system, they also test for CO leaks. We’ll discover a CO leak before there’s any chance of a health hazard.

Sign #4: It’s raising a ruckus.

If a component breaks or works itself loose inside your HVAC system, it can make some disturbing sounds. The fan belt might become frayed and squeal, or you might hear a boom when the system kicks on or off.

Generally speaking, if your system suddenly starts making noises, there’s a problem. It could be a major issue, so you’ll want it looked at immediately, as strange furnace noises can spell disaster if not resolved with quickness.

Sign #5: Your utility bills are on the rise.

Of course, you expect that your energy bills will go up if your HVAC system is running non-stop (like it was over the frigid Christmas holiday). But, if it suddenly rises even higher, it’s a sign that your unit is using too much power to do its job.

This can happen for many reasons. Components could just need cleaned, or there could be faulty wiring somewhere. However, the problem could be even more significant, like a failing motor or an air leak somewhere. In these cases, the unit is overworking to compensate for the problem. Whatever the cause, it’s best to have our pros take a look before you waste more and more money!

Sign #6: It’s blowing cold air.

This one is pretty much a given. If you turn on your heater and it feels more like the AC is on, there’s something wrong. Any number of failures can cause this problem, but they all have the same solution – call us out to get your furnace blowing warm air once again.

24/7 Emergency furnace repair

If your family is struggling with cold air, odd noises, or something worse this winter, call the Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling team of friendly HVAC professionals. We’ll come out to troubleshoot your heating system and get it back into proper working order, so you’ll stay cozy and warm this winter. Call 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR for heater repair today!


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