Advanced thermostats don't have to be intimidating. Let our experts help you understand them to make the best purchase for your family!

In today’s world, where intelligent devices are the norm and convenience is king, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to smart thermostats to enhance their comfort. These units enable homeowners to control their HVAC systems remotely and dynamically. Plus, they offer insight into your family’s heating and cooling habits and your home’s energy usage.

But before you run right out and buy that fancy smart thermostat, you should know a few things. Our neighborly HVAC pros explain.

They’ll help you save money

While smart thermostats are certainly convenient, perhaps their biggest benefit is their ability to help you conserve energy. They’ll help you lower your monthly energy bills in two ways. First, they monitor and control the temperature more effectively than traditional models. Second, on select models, they learn your family’s behaviors and adjust their settings to match. Both of these features ensure that your HVAC system won’t be running unnecessarily – and wasting energy – when no one is around. When installed and used correctly, smart thermostats can help you save 25% or more on your utility bills.

Advanced climate controls

In general, “smart” refers to a device’s ability to handle its given set of tasks all by itself, and as well or better than humans can. For example, smart thermostats are intelligently designed for seamless, intuitive operation of your home’s HVAC system.

Some smart thermostats can sense when a room is occupied, then adjust the temperature to keep everyone comfortable. Other models know when you’re on your way home via GPS-based geofencing capabilities and will change the temperature in your home, so it’s comfortable when you arrive.

Even better, some units learn your routine with room sensors and automatically fine-tune the temperature in your home based on your daily habits. So you won’t have to fiddle with the thermostat at all, unless you need to schedule a vacation or time away.

A wifi internet connection is required

To take full advantage of a smart thermostat’s advanced features, you’ll need to have a wifi-enabled connection to the internet. Why is this? For one, it’s how the unit communicates with your smartphone. For another, this is how it gathers essential information, such as the weather forecast and downloading software updates, to keep the device operating as well as it can.

You need a mobile app for smartphone control

Speaking of your phone, installing the thermostat is just one part of the process. A new smart thermostat may require the installation of an app on your mobile device. Paired with a mobile app from the manufacturer, you gain complete remote access to your home’s climate controls.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, installing and connecting an app to your mobile device is a fairly simple process, assuming your device has a compatible operating system.

Appearance is important

Most of today’s smart thermostats are stylish and intended to complement your home’s decor. However, if you opt for a thermostat with a “learning” feature, remember that it works by sensing motion. Therefore, they need to be located in an area with a lot of foot traffic.

Call a professional for installation

Unless you’re very comfortable wiring things yourself, it’s wise to call in a professional technician to install your smart thermostat. Why? First, unlike older thermostats, smart thermostats usually require a C-wire that powers their advanced features, like wifi communication and touch screens. Many newer HVAC systems are installed with a C-wire, but many older homes aren’t. If you’re in doubt, please call a professional to ensure your smart device is put in properly and working as it should.

Get smart with Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling

If you’re keen to save on energy costs, have remote control of your HVAC system, and have enhanced convenience, a smart thermostat is an excellent investment. Call our neighborly team or conveniently schedule online for an installation quote today!


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