Air quality isn't just an outdoor concern. HVAC devices exist to safeguard your family's health indoors, too!

When it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), air purifiers are an affordable and effective option. However, you probably have many questions about air purification and how to get the most benefit from your purifier – our helpful team has the answers you need!

Q: Should I use my air purifier all the time?

A: How often or how long you should use your air purifier depends on your situation. If your family is relatively healthy, you might only run the purifier at certain times. Some families run their units mainly at night to help keep clean air circulating while sleeping, when your breathing is the deepest.

People who work from home often run them in their office space while working. If anyone in your household has medical issues, it’s wise to run your air purifier 24/7 for maximum benefit. Most air purifiers are made to be used all day and all night, but be sure to read your device’s user manual to confirm your model is intended to run constantly.

Q: Does an air purifier help with asthma?

A: The short answer is – yes! Air purifiers help reduce asthma triggers and attacks significantly. Likewise, they help reduce the symptoms of other conditions and illnesses, such as headaches, eczema, allergies, dermatitis, and compromised immune systems.

Air purifiers help with these issues by reducing the amount of airborne allergens and irritants in your home. Without a purifier, these contaminants are inhaled and touch your skin, and you suffer from flare-ups and experience symptoms more often. Some of the most commonly found indoor pollutants include those naturally found in the home as well as those brought in from outdoors:

• Pollen
• Smoke
• Mold
• Dust mites
• Pet dander
• Cockroaches (ew!)

Q: Does an air purifier really work?

A: Absolutely! To what extent a purifier works for you depends on how often you clean or change the filter, your particular model’s capabilities, and your expectations. The key is to find an air purifier that fully meets your needs, and that can be challenging to determine. Don’t worry, though – we can help you decide!

Placing your unit in an ideal location is essential, as is using it well for maximum benefit. Most air purifiers have fairly self-explanatory instructions, but you can always reach out to our neighborly experts to learn more.

Q: Is an air purifier worth buying?

A: The simple answer is a resounding yes! An air purifier improves your IAQ and will undoubtedly help allergy and asthma sufferers and others with chronic health issues. Used properly, your air purifier will make a noticeable difference reasonably quickly.

One last recommendation – if a family member in your home has a medical condition affected by airborne contaminants, a HEPA filter will enhance the effectiveness of your air purifier. Also, cleaning the filter weekly will ensure a long lifespan and will keep the unit running at peak efficiency.

Q: Can Hey Neighbor help with air purifier decisions?

A: Definitely! We’re always happy to help you make the best choices for your home and family. For more information about air purifiers or to receive a personalized indoor air quality recommendation for your home, our Comfort Consultants look forward to helping your family achieve maximum indoor comfort and improve your health, too. Call us today at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR or conveniently schedule a visit online.


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