Where does all the dust in your home go? Right into your ductwork, that's where!

Your home’s air ducts distribute fresh and properly treated air throughout your living space. But since ducts mostly hide behind walls, ceilings, and floors, many Northeast Ohio homeowners don’t take the time to inspect their ducts. Out of sight, out of mind.

As time ticks by, a thick layer of dust naturally settles on the inside of your ductwork. Your heating and cooling system might be in jeopardy if you let your ducts become overrun with dust bunnies. Perhaps even worse, harmful airborne irritants like mildew and mold or even pest droppings (ew!) can dramatically decrease your indoor air quality (IAQ).

When is it time to have your ductwork cleaned?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifies the following duct problems that impact indoor air quality. If any of these apply to your home, you should schedule a professional cleaning:

1. Your home has a pest problem. Cockroaches, mice, bees, rats, centipedes, and flies, oh my! Creepy-crawly pests can make your home life absolutely miserable. Besides startling your family and friends, rodents and bugs can aggravate symptoms for people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory concerns. Your ductwork can be a hidden highway and living space for these critters. If you’ve seen or heard pests in and around your ductwork or suspect they’ve taken up residence there, call an exterminator immediately. After you’ve resolved the issue with a professional, we highly recommend having your ducts thoroughly vacuumed, washed, and sanitized.

2. Flooding or a leak has caused water to settle in your ducts. Stagnant water is a nasty breeding ground for mold, mildew – and mosquitoes. Caused by extreme weather, a burst pipe, or a broken sump pump, flooding can force a substantial amount of water into your ducts. It’s a very serious health and safety hazard. However, before scheduling professional cleaning, be sure the flooding problem has been completely resolved. That way, the stagnant water problem won’t return, and you won’t be compelled to schedule any follow-up duct cleaning appointments.

3. You’ve recently had construction work done. If you’ve done some renovations lately, be sure you’re taking precautions to tidy up afterward, especially demolition work. Construction stirs up a large amount of dust and dirt that settles on every surface in your home. That’s why considerate contractors cover your furniture and other items with plastic sheeting. As you can guess, debris can also get pulled into your ducts and circulated throughout your home by your HVAC system, so be sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned after construction has concluded.

What can you expect from a professional duct cleaning?

During a visit, duct cleaning specialists will loosen accumulated dust and dirt with a long brush and other specialized tools. Next, all that freed-up crud gets sucked out by a powerful vacuum. Finally, the furnace’s interior is thoroughly cleaned, and the system is cycled and purged. Afterward, your ductwork will perform like the day it was installed in your home.

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