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While we don’t mind visiting you for a dead-of-winter or dog-days-of-summer breakdown (it’s what we do), we want to help our customers avoid that unfortunate situation altogether. That’s why we offer affordable seasonal maintenance to help optimize your heating and cooling system’s efficiency and reduce the possibility of repairs in the future.

Our expert HVAC maintenance technicians inspect your entire system and uncover small problems before they become big ones. A comprehensive seasonal system maintenance and tune-up by Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling saves you money, time, and stress!

Regular maintenance will save you money

Aside from ensuring that you’ll have heat and cooling when you need them most, annual maintenance from Hey Neighbor can also save you money. A properly maintained HVAC system will last longer than one that hasn’t seen regular service, and this also means fewer replacement costs. Also, relying on our our maintenance experts also means a more efficient system, which will cut down on wasted energy and will ultimately save you money on your monthly utility costs.

System maintenance is always essential

It’s important to remember that regular heating and cooling system maintenance is vital all year long. During the warmer months, while your furnace is not in use, all kinds of problems can develop, including corrosion and electrical issues. As a result, it’s important to turn to our skilled HVAC maintenance team for regular service during the spring and summer as well as during the fall and winter. We can ensure that your system will be working in peak condition when you need it most.

Schedule a tune-up today

As part of our system tune-up, we replace your filter, identify parts that are close to wearing out, test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, and check every electronic and wiring component in your system and switches. We identify code violations and safety issues, clean and tighten dirty and loose electrical connections, and calibrate your system’s controls to increase its efficiency. Using diagnostic and testing devices, we measure the output of your unit and motor, and ensure that your system has adequate and unobstructed ventilation. We talk to you about any problems and provide a written quote for any repairs.

To keep your system running smoothly and avoid surprises when the temperature drops in the winter and rises in the summer, trust our maintenance experts. Contact the experts at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next HVAC maintenance service at 1-844-HEY-NEIGHBOR, or click the Request Service button above to setup a no-obligation consultation.

We’re here to keep your family safe and comfortable. That’s how neighbors should treat neighbors!