HVAC maintenance doesn't stop just because your furnace isn't in use when it's warm out - don't be sorry come winter!

HVAC maintenance is important during every season. This doesn’t mean only paying attention to the air conditioner in the summer and only the furnace in the winter. You need to take care of your HVAC system as a whole through the entire year to keep it running efficiently.

You may welcome the warm summer weather with open arms, but don’t forget about what kept you warm while you (im)patiently waited for outside warmth to arrive. It’s also better to go into summer with peace of mind, knowing your heater will work properly when fall comes. Here are six reasons why you can’t afford to neglect your furnace in the summer.

1. You’ll regret it when it’s time for heat

If your heater needs repair at the end of the winter or it’s starting to show warning signs that it may need repaired soon, don’t ignore it. Putting off the repair will lead to unpleasant surprises in the fall. By then, the damage could be even worse than it was before. It’s not worth the headache to schedule a last-minute repair, which will also include an unexpected hit to your expenses. Scheduling an appointment at the last minute will probably even land you on a waiting list. In addition, it’s not guaranteed that everything will be resolved and taken care of in one visit. Depending on your situation, a technician may need to schedule an appointment to return, and a full inspection and necessary repairs may take longer than usual if you’ve put repairs off for too long.

Keep a watchful eye on your system throughout the spring and summer months to prevent this from happening and don’t neglect maintenance. Scheduling an HVAC maintenance visit in advance will keep your system healthy, and you’ll avoid a possibly uncomfortable wait. In the long run, regular HVAC maintenance will save you money and keep you comfortable. Multiple tasks go into furnace maintenance, such as removing dust and dirt, lubricating moving parts, inspecting and measuring air flow, testing the thermostat and much more. Our best advice is to schedule this towards the end of summer.

2. Your heat pump is also used in the summer

You might not know this, but your heat pump is in operation year-round. If you choose not to get your heat pump fixed, you’re choosing to let your air conditioner go as well. Just because you’re switching it over from heating to cooling doesn’t mean you should ignore a heating issue.

3. Spring can be unpredictable

Most of us know the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” which means the turn of spring doesn’t come with automatic warm weather and sunshine, but it also comes with lots of rainfall. It can be filled with lots of rainy, windy and chilly weather. When these days happen, you’ll appreciate the option of turning on a heater that is safe and efficient.

4. Potential hazards

Dust build-up and hazardous gas leaks can happen any time of the year. With a forced-air heating system, your furnace and air conditioner use the same ductwork and vents to function. Regular duct cleaning is necessary to prevent dust and dirt from impacting the efficiency of your system, as well as your air quality. With a gas furnace, issues that are neglected all summer can cause dangerous gas leaks. A potentially fatal release of carbon monoxide (CO) could occur if something goes seriously wrong. It’s essential to have a working CO detector. Don’t put yourself and everyone else occupying your home at risk.

Another often-overlooked hazard: when you take your summer items out of storage, such as bicycles, toys, rakes, and lawn mowers, don’t lean them against your outdoor AC unit.

5. Your heat is already off

A nice benefit to having your furnace repaired or scheduling a maintenance check-up in the summer is that your heat is already off. Not only are you being a responsible property owner, but you’re also decreasing the chances of disrupting your heating when you need it the most – the winter.

6. Summer energy bills

Furnace issues could actually cause your summer energy bills to rise. Since your air conditioner uses some of the same parts as your furnace, a dysfunctional motor, a leaking pipe, or a bad burner, will cause too much energy to be used trying to operate with these faulty parts.

So, now you know many reasons why paying attention to your furnace in the summer is far more vital than you may have realized. Your heating system is complex and shouldn’t be ignored when it needs a repair or cleaning. You wouldn’t put off anything else that could put you or anybody else’s health and expenses at risk, so don’t do it with your furnace.

A wise homeowner schedules regular HVAC check-ups with an HVAC technician. You can also do many tasks on your own, such as changing your air filter. Don’t take your furnace for granted during the heat of summer!


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