A cheap window AC has budget appeal, but be wary - you get what you pay for, and can be dangerous!

Though window air conditioning units may be convenient and cheaper initially than installing central AC, they present many dangers to your family. Be safe!

Window AC dangers

• Mold – A window AC unit is an ideal breeding ground for mold due to the humidity that the unit pulls from the air and condenses to sit stagnant in its bottom pan. This can aggravate allergies and even make you or one of your family members sick.

• Home safety – While window AC units provide cool air to your room, they also make the home more vulnerable to burglary. If the unit isn’t installed correctly, it provides an easy entry point for a burglar to get into your home.

• Fire hazard – If there’s a fire in your home, a window unit can become dislodged and fall, causing further damage or injury. Also, if the unit is installed in the room’s only window, and there’s a fire, it’s far more difficult for you and your loved ones to escape through the window.

• Outdoor air infiltration – A leaky seal between the air conditioner and the unit will allow outdoor air (and all the pollutants in it) to enter your home. This can adversely affect your home’s indoor air quality, not to mention your cooling efficiency!

Window AC safety tips

If you absolutely must use a window air conditioner, it’s essential to follow these tips:

• Always have a certified professional install your window unit(s).

• Burglar-proof your window AC unit by ensuring it’s secured with the proper support and equipment.

• Be sure your unit is the proper size. Before purchasing the unit, measure the window it’ll reside in and review the power outlet closest to the window.

• Be sure your unit remains motionless when someone opens the window, or keep the window from being opened at all.

• Clean your window AC unit’s filter monthly the filter by removing its front panel, and don’t forget to press the filter-alert reset button when you’re done.

• Don’t leave the unit in your window during the winter as it can cause drafts, and the cold weather can damage the parts of the unit that are exposed to the elements. Don’t store the unused unit in your garage, as it’ll make it easier for rodents to get into the unit. Instead, store your unit in your basement or attic.

Window AC alternatives

Hands down, the best alternative to a window AC unit is to have central air conditioning installed in your home. While its initial cost may be higher, the long-term benefits are significantly better, especially your family’s comfort. Call us today to explore your air conditioning comfort options!


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