Neglecting your HVAC system's maintenance is a very bad idea. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it - let Hey Neighbor take care of it for you!

Now’s the time to be thinking about back-to-school HVAC maintenance. A seasonal system tune-up will give you and your family comfort and peace of mind, from lowering your monthly energy to keeping everything running smoothly. Here’s a few good tips to follow.

Call us today to schedule a tune-up

The best way to keep your home’s HVAC system running correctly and efficiently year-round is to sign up for the Hey Neighbor Preventative Maintenance Program. Never pay a service fee again! Regular maintenance is absolutely the best way to ensure peak performance. Our expert service check-ups will reveal leaks, rust, wear and tear, and other potential problems each season. A visit in the spring and fall also improves your system’s efficiency and prolongs your equipment’s operational lifespan – saving you a considerable amount of money in the long run!

Clean or change your system’s air filter regularly

Your system’s air filter is continually stopping pollutants and other particulates from re-entering your home’s air, and it naturally gets clogged over time. Cleaning or replacing your air filter is easy, and routine maintenance will help your family breathe easier. Most filters slide or tilt out, and it’s one of the few heating and cooling-related tasks you can do to maintain your equipment without the help of our expert service technicians.

It’s always a good idea to double-check your equipment’s user manual for specific recommendations, but overall, it’s best to clean or change your filter at least once every three months. Remember, regular cleaning or changing of your filter will ensure the most efficient filtration. In addition, it’ll increase the life of your unit and give you peace of mind that your family is living healthier.

Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling can provide you with a full year’s supply of the correct air filters for your system! Give the office a call at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR for more information.

Look around your home for air leaks

Even small air leaks will make your HVAC equipment run longer than it needs to, which wastes a great deal of energy and increases your monthly energy bills. Nobody wants that. Once each season, take some time to inspect your home for places where air might leak. Two common leak locations are around the edges of your doors and windows. Fix these trouble areas with fresh caulking or replace old, worn-out weather-stripping. While you’re at it, check your system’s exposed ductwork for separated sections.

Remove debris from your outdoor unit

There’s a good chance that dirt and debris have collected around your air conditioner’s outside condenser unit, including branches, leaves, bird’s nests, animal droppings, and a slew of other items from nature. This natural debris can cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently, so be sure to keep the unit and the area around it nice and tidy.

If you’d like to know more about back-to-school HVAC maintenance or have other home comfort questions, our caring, expert staff is happy to help you – call 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR today. We proudly heat and cool all of Northeast Ohio!


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