Let us take the guesswork out of your winter thermostat settings. Your houseplants will thank you!

Winter is coming – is your family constantly arguing over the thermostat settings already? It’s time to put the family feud about the proper temperature in winter on ice. Let’s start by asking the question anyone responsible for paying the heating bill wants answered.

What temperature should my thermostat be set to in the winter?

We all react differently to the change of season. The temperature outside can wreak havoc on our mood and prompt us to adjust the temperature by cranking up the furnace, wrapping up in a fleece blanket, and binge-watching a TV show on the couch.

The truth, though, is that heating your home in the winter uses a lot of energy. And with natural gas prices expected to rise by 30% compared to last winter, families all over Northeast Ohio will need to find a way to reduce their heating costs while still keeping everyone toasty warm.

The most effective – and easiest – way to save energy and cut your monthly heating bill is to set the thermostat properly to keep your home’s temperature at the perfect comfort level this winter.

The ideal thermostat setting during winter is… 68° F.

We’re not making this number up. This recommendation is according to Energy.gov, and while it may seem low to many people, there are benefits to keeping your home at this temperature.

Working your heating system hard to keep the interior temperature high with freezing conditions outside can strain your HVAC. A furnace that constantly runs in vain to reach a higher temperature setting will launch your heating bills skyward, and the added stress on your system will significantly increase the risk of a breakdown.

Setting a modest temperature for your home heating this winter not only provides adequate warmth for your family indoors but also provides energy savings and increases the longevity of your furnace.

What should I set my thermostat to at night?

You might think it’s best to turn the furnace way up on those frigid winter nights when it’s bedtime, right? Snug as a bug in a rug, and all that? Not so fast.

The best thermostat temperature setting at night is… 65° F.

The U.S. Department of Energy asserts this indoor temperature at night is ideal. Reducing your thermostat setting to a lower temperature at night will help you sleep more soundly. Medical experts know that our body temperature naturally drops at night. When it’s too cold or hot indoors at night, our internal body temperature is altered, and this can lead to inconsistent sleep.

What’s the best temperature setting while away in the winter?

Leaving home to head somewhere warm this winter? Lucky you! The energy-saving thought may occur to you to just shut your furnace off entirely while you’re on vacation. This is a terrible idea, though. You’ll still want to keep the heat on at some level, especially if your pets will be left at home.

The minimum temperature setting when away is… 60° F.

If you have pets or house plants that won’t be making the trip with you, it’s essential to adjust your thermostat to safeguard them. Houseplants need an indoor environment of at least 60° F to stay alive. For your furry friends, set the thermostat no lower than 64° F to keep your pets comfortable and safe while you’re gone.

What’s the very lowest temperature I should set in the winter?

Do you love the cold so much you’d rather not run any heat in winter? Even if you don’t have pets or plants, that’s not a good idea. The winter thermostat setting still should be at least between 50° F and 55° F to keep your pipes and appliances from freezing. A terrible way to end a vacation is to come home to a flooded basement or a frozen dishwasher.

The same holds true for any vacation properties that are unoccupied in the winter or a rental property that has no winter tenants. But, empty or not, you’ll still want to keep some heat turned on in the place to protect it from property damage.

Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat

It usually doesn’t make sense to pay to replace something that is working – unless it’ll save you money. Smart thermostats, like those from Nest or Ecobee, will save money by efficiently and automatically adjusting your home’s temperature throughout the year. You can set your thermostat to our expert team’s recommendations here and let your fancy new smart device happily hum along on autopilot while your family and budget stay happy.

Whether you’re asleep, on your way to work, or out enjoying the winter wonderland, upgrading your thermostat can help keep your home comfortable while saving you up to 15% on your annual heating and cooling bills.

Keep your family cozy this winter with Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling

Are you looking for other ways to reduce your energy costs this winter? We’re here to help with expert heating and cooling service and installation, recommendations on home insulation, and many other neighborly services. Call us to schedule a home evaluation with one of our friendly Comfort Consultants today!


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