It may be chilly outside now, but that old AC isn't going to cut it when the weather warms up once again!

We’re currently using our furnaces to their fullest here in Northeast Ohio, but that also means it’s the ideal time to consider an AC upgrade! That might sound like it defies logic, but it actually makes a great deal of sense once you understand the reasons behind it. So, what makes the New Year and winter an excellent time for a new air conditioning system? Well, allow your friends Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling to explain!

Get a great deal

Purchasing a central air conditioning system during the off-season is a fantastic idea because you’ll be able to save money on the unit itself. While it’s true that we won’t be able to charge the refrigerant when it’s cold outside, we’ll happily return in the spring to get that shiny new AC filled with R-410A and ready to cool your indoor air.

Flexible installation

Because it’s chilly outside, you won’t be using your existing air conditioner any time soon. Because you don’t have an urgent need for cool air, you can schedule your new AC installation when you want it done, not when you need it. Also, there will be fewer delays for your new equipment than there might be during the dog days of summer.

Avoid hot-weather downtime

Replacing an air conditioning system is typically not a quick task. Depending on your project, it can take a day or even several days to complete. However, as we mentioned above, you’re not using your AC now, so scheduling the installation of your new air conditioner during the New Year means that you won’t endure the discomfort and inconvenience associated with having to upgrade during the warmer months.

Time to plan

Replacing your AC unit in the New Year can give you another savings benefit: time! You’ll have plenty of time to pick out the perfect system for your home and time to ensure that your system is installed and ready to go, long before summer arrives.


When you install that new AC system during the cooler months, you’ll turn it on with confidence when the temperatures begin to rise again during the spring. No more worrying if that old, decrepit unit will finally fail right when you need it the most.

Be proactive

We often talk about preventative maintenance because it’s essential for the longevity of your unit. The same is true about being proactive when you need a replacement AC. If your current unit is old and inefficient, don’t wait until the weather warms up again to consider installing a new one. Do it now instead! You’ll thank yourself later, when the heat soars into the 90s and the humidity skyrockets.

Ring in the New Year with a new AC!

If you have an old, unreliable central air conditioning system, it’s time to upgrade and get a new, high-efficiency unit for the New Year. Take advantage of the cold temperatures and call our experienced 5-star team at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling to schedule a consultation today!


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