Your HVAC system won't work perfectly forever - routine maintenance is essential for your family's comfort and your wallet's comfort, too!

Hey, neighbor! Did you know?…

Your HVAC system won’t work perfectly forever – it’s a fact. Over time, it’s subjected to adverse weather, dirt, damage, and more. These factors reduce its performance and increase the risk of a problem. In fact, most of the HVAC repairs that our expert and neighborly technicians are called to make are caused by issues that could have been minimized or prevented entirely through routine maintenance, making it essential for your family’s comfort and your wallet’s comfort, too!

Furthermore, our Neighbors Who Care Maintenance Program is an easy way to maximize the benefits of an optimized heating and cooling system, from the ideal energy consumption and lower operating costs you want to the efficient and comfortable home you deserve. The benefits of regular maintenance include…

Optimal efficiency

An efficient heating and cooling system uses the lowest amount of energy possible to make your home comfortable. Some of the biggest obstacles in the road to achieving energy efficiency are due to poor maintenance, including the accumulation of dust and dirt inside your system and the adverse effects of worn, neglected, or poorly-lubricated mechanical parts. A seasonal maintenance plan is a simple solution to this problem – it includes cleaning and inspection of every piece of your system, eliminating dirt and debris, and ensuring parts are well-lubricated and in good condition. By keeping every component in your HVAC system in tip-top shape, regular maintenance ensures that your furnace and AC continue to operate at the highest level of efficiency possible – every month of every year, rather than steadily losing efficiency due to lack of care.

Lower risk of breakdown

Regular maintenance is perhaps the easiest way to avoid the issues related to heating and cooling failures. This low-cost program drastically reduces your system’s risk of a breakdown in several ways. First, your system’s components will be checked for excessive wear or signs of damage during your maintenance service, even if you haven’t seen a change in performance. Routine cleaning and lubrication will reduce the stress on components, preventing parts such as the blower motor from overworking and risking damage or failure. By addressing these issues before they can harm your furnace or AC’s operation, you’ll keep your heating and cooling system in good shape, preventing breakdowns associated with failing parts or strain caused by dust and dirt buildup.

Longer working life

As we mentioned above, no HVAC system lasts forever. There are several reasons a unit may fail before the end of its expected lifetime. Damage, dirt, and wear are the most common reasons that a homeowner is forced to consider a premature furnace or AC replacement, and our expert, neighborly techs will address all of these concerns during the regular service visits you’ll receive with our Neighbors Who Care Maintenance Program. Investing in regular maintenance is a small up-front cost that ultimately helps you gain greater returns from your HVAC system, not only via improved performance, but also by ensuring you enjoy more years of service from your current system before replacement.

Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling’s convenient Neighbors Who Care Maintenance Program makes it easy to keep your heating and air conditioning system in great shape so that you can enjoy all the benefits of an efficient and problem-free whole-house comfort solution. To optimize your HVAC system’s operation and avoid unpleasant surprises when the temperature drops in the winter and rises in the summer, trust our maintenance experts. Contact the experts at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next HVAC maintenance service at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR, or request service online to set up a no-obligation consultation.


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