A new HVAC system is one of your household's biggest investments. It's essential to know how long it will be in service.

Throughout Northeast Ohio’s chilly fall and winter seasons, your furnace is an integral part of your home’s HVAC system. To keep your living space well-heated, it’s essential to look after the well-being of your furnace and be prepared when it’s time for a furnace replacement. To help our neighbors make smart choices, here’s our detailed guide on the lifespan of a furnace and the factors that affect it.

So, how long can I expect my furnace to last?

The short answer is that there’s really no simple answer to how long a furnace lasts due to various factors, including operating environment, manufacturing quality, and (im)proper installation. However, we can give you an idea about its average life expectancy. Most heating systems will operate for 15-20 years before a terminal breakdown. However, this only holds true when the unit is given the proper care and service it requires. If maintenance is neglected, your heater might not even last ten years!

As with any other mechanical system, your furnace will eventually require replacement. Therefore, when your furnace nears 15 years of age, we recommend that you keep a close eye on its operation and be ready to start the replacement process.

What are some signs that my furnace needs replaced?

It may be time to upgrade to a new heating system when you notice one or more of these telltale warning signs:

• Increasingly frequent repairs
• Ever-increasing monthly energy bills
• The system doesn’t seem to match the thermostat setting
• Unusual noises from the furnace
• The unit isn’t heating the air adequately
• A noticeable decrease in your indoor air quality

What factors affect my furnace’s lifespan?

Neglected maintenance. A routine maintenance schedule is crucial for a furnace’s long life. With regular tune-ups and repairs, you’ll extend your furnace’s life and increase its overall performance. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our excellent Preventative Maintenance Program and ensure that your furnace continues to run well and catch any minor issues that may arise before they become major problems.

Improper thermostat use. Setting your thermostat to extremely low or high temperatures can cause damage to your furnace and shorten its working life by making your heating system run more frequently, causing excessive wear and tear. Our experts recommend setting your thermostat temperature between 60° F and 80° F.

Incorrectly-sized furnace. A furnace that’s too small for your home will take longer to heat your living space, causing the unit to run constantly. This strains the system and will eventually break it. Likewise, a furnace that’s too large also presents problems. An oversized unit heats your space too quickly and then turns off, only to turn on again soon after. This is called short-cycling, and it causes excessive wear and tear on the furnace’s components.

Poorly-done installation. How your furnace is installed has a massive impact on its overall performance. Inadequate ductwork can restrict airflow or leak, causing other problems in the system. Shoddy electrical work can cause your system’s components not to receive the power they need to operate correctly. These are just a couple of reasons why it’s essential to use certified, professional technicians to install your HVAC system – like our neighborly experts here at Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling!

How do I extend my furnace’s working life?

You can maximize your furnace’s life expectancy in several ways, making sure your furnace stays in fantastic shape for a long time. Here are some simple ways you can pamper your HVAC system:

• Have our qualified HVAC professionals perform regular check-ups.
• Replace your air filter regularly. We recommend doing this each month.
• Keep the area near your furnace clean and clear of obstructions.
• Inspect your ductwork for leaks, damage, and other issues.
• Ensure your home has ample insulation, as this will help your furnace’s heat stay where it belongs.

Does my furnace need replaced?

We’re always happy to help you answer that question with personalized service and expert recommendations. Whether you need to replace your failing furnace or you’re looking to upgrade an old, inefficient unit, Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling ensures your concerns are addressed as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Contact us at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR or conveniently schedule a visit online. We’re here for you 24/7!


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