You might be just as baffled as Farfel here when it comes to a blinking furnace light. We'll clear up your confusion!

You can tell something’s not right with your furnace. It’s making odd noises or just not heating well. So, you take a look at your unit, and that’s when you notice it – a blinking red light.

Normally, you see a solid amber or yellow light that indicates everything is fine and your furnace is working. However, if you notice your furnace’s status light is red and blinking multiple times, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong with your system, and furnace repair service is probably in your near future.

Whether it’s a flame sensor or your blower motor, if left unrepaired, it could lead to failure of your heating system and possibly significant damage to your home.

That little light is the way your furnace talks to you. Think of it like Morse Code. Depending on your furnace’s brand, the sequence and frequency of flashes will help you understand the problem your furnace is experiencing. Now, you just need to crack the code and figure out what the flashing light means.

In this article, we give advice based on what you’re seeing. This general knowledge applies to most furnace brands, but you can visit your furnace manufacturer’s website for model-specific information. Providing this information when you call us for service will also help our expert techs diagnose and resolve the problem more quickly and efficiently – saving you money!

Here are some of the most common issues your furnace will give an error code:

1. It’s not receiving a signal from the thermostat. This problem may be caused by an issue with the communication wire in your walls, or it could just be that there’s a loose connection somewhere. When did you last replace your thermostat’s batteries?

2. Your furnace has no power. Don’t see a light at all? It might be that your furnace isn’t receiving power. In that case, you need to check your circuit breaker box and find the breaker your heater is connected to. If it’s tripped, switch it back on. If it’s not tripped, but there still isn’t any power to your heating system, you should contact us straight away.

3. The flame has failed. This typically means there isn’t enough gas or air to maintain a steady, hot flame. This problem could be happening because of a broken burner, a clogged filter, or too much pressure in your combustion chambers. When was the last time you replaced your filter?

4. Your unit has a pressure switch problem. The furnace’s heat exchanger and inducer ensure the system is venting bad gas. Although our professional team should address a pressure switch problem, check if your chimney or exhaust is blocked first. Clearing the blockage might fix the problem. Another possibility is that your condensate drain is plugged or another type of vent blockage.

5. There’s an issue with your gas valve. If there isn’t enough gas coming in through your gas line to feed your combustion chamber, it won’t have enough pressure to ignite. You can adjust the valve knob so that there is more gas coming through, but it’s best to schedule a system checkup just to be sure.

6. You might have a leak. Inside your heating system, several sensors monitor for heat where it shouldn’t be. A dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat, but contact us for assistance if replacing it doesn’t help.

7. The furnace’s control board has failed. There might be damage to your circuit board, or an electrical connection has come loose inside your heating system. If you suspect board failure, contact our expert heating repair technicians immediately because severe problems can develop quickly if not caught in time.

8. There’s a problem with the voltage. Along with an adequate gas flow, your furnace needs the proper electrical voltage to function correctly. Whether it’s new or old, if your unit is tripping its circuit breaker, call us to come out and take a look.

9. Your light is on, but it isn’t blinking. If your furnace’s status light is on and steady – that’s good news! It means your furnace is working correctly and experiencing no errors.

10. Call Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling for expert and neighborly furnace service. No matter what brand or model of furnace you own or how many times its light is flashing, our friendly and skilled heating and air conditioning service technicians can restore and maintain your family’s comfort. If your furnace is experiencing an issue, call us at 844-HEY-NEIGHBOR to book an appointment with us today. We can fix that!™


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